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don’t you dare tell me they’re not in love with each other

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This is how it should have ended (yes with rain and all) *shot*


the summary

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Happy 32nd Birthday, Sebastian Stan

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You’re only given one little spark of madness. You mustn’t lose it."
Robin Williams
[July 29th 1951 - August 11th 2014]

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DeanCas moments season 9. Posting for all the people who are maybe not so invested anymore… Personally, it was delicious seeing all these scenes together because watching the season one ep at time I felt there weren’t as many as in Season 8. Not to mention all is not there, some small bits like Dean and Cas talking over the phone & Gabriel calling Cas Dean’s “Boytoy” are not on the video. So screw what other people are saying, what the show staff/actors are saying publicly… ‘cause you’d have to be blind not to understand where exactly this whole Destiel thing comes from the show duh. There’re thousands of general viewer stories out there, but let me just add that both my sister and boyfriend (who only watch a few eps here and there nowadays) yelled WITH DEAN when Metatron delivered his famous “He’s in love….” line (before I even could open my mouth over the shock I though they’d actually go there lol).


Looks like Dean is the reigning champion

… for the 6th year in a row…

did NOT see that one coming!

JFC your annotations are A+ 

I coughed up my drink, oh god

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Misha Collins - Bellingham GISHWHES Meetup (x)

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